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Professional Development Program

Professional Mentors

MV3 Families.jpg
MV3 Families.jpg

The objective of the Professional Development Program is to provide MV3 scholars with professional development opportunities that will help inform their career choice within health and biomedical science. As part of our professional development program, our scholars will go through four ten-month long curricula that foster community-building, personal growth, and professional development. In groups of 4-5 scholars led by a professional mentor (an “MV3 family”), our scholars will take part in active small-group discussions, webinars, and panels designed to help them define the type of person and professional they want to be. Examples of such sessions include, ‘Marketing a Novel Idea’, ‘Financial Management’, and ‘Advocacy to Drive Change.’ Professional development sessions will enable scholars to learn best practices from individuals who are successful in fields our scholars are interested in pursuing. 

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