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The mission of the MV3 Foundation is to build and empower a community of Black undergraduate scholars across the US who will positively impact the future of health and biomedical sciences through our 3 Pillars: Education, Service, and Advocacy.


The MV3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides Black undergraduates interested in health and biomedical sciences with the tools and supportive community needed to recognize the power of their individual stories, experiences, and interests. In this way, we seek to be a catalyst for the mobilization of their voices, inspiring and empowering our scholars to positively impact their communities through our 3 Pillars: Education, Service, and Advocacy.

Our team of graduate students and professionals in the health and biomedical sciences are motivated to support our scholars’ academic and professional growth. We do this through a dynamic and predominantly virtual mentorship model involving 2 major programs: an academic program with one-on-one mentorship and academic support, and a group-based leadership development program with career discernment activities, personal growth sessions, and networking opportunities.

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