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Why join our team?

Take a look at what some members of the MV3 community have to say!

"As the first in my family to take on medicine, I had a hard time finding mentors and individuals who have been on this same journey. The MV3 foundation was exactly what I needed, and connected me to people who understood my struggles, and had the resources to help me succeed."

- Abigail Omobogie

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Scholar

Testimonials: Past Events

“I never found someone that looked like me that wanted to go down the same path as me while in college. MV3 provided a community of people who could connect with me on a different level. The Pilot program would help me to gain the confidence I need to occupy space as a black woman on the pre-med track.”

- Nakacia Hutson

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Scholar

"Applying to medical school is a long, arduous process riddled with as much uncertainty and self-doubt as excitement and anticipation. Applying as a black woman only added to these sentiments, as I found it hard to find mentors and role models in science and medicine who look like me. In this regard, the MV3 Foundation’s model really resonated with me. MV3’s multi-faceted model of support through mentorship, academic/career support and leadership development impacts several areas I know I would have benefited from as an applicant. Joining the MV3 Foundation team was invaluable way for me to pay my experiences forward to empower the next generation of black leaders in healthcare and biomedicine."

- Naeema Hopkins-Kotb

Mentor, MV3 Academic Program


"I am drawn to serve with the MV3 Foundation because throughout my life, I have benefitted from incredible mentorship. As a medical student, I am privy to the lack of diversity across different spaces in Medicine and am motivated to work to ensure that such spaces become more diversified. I firmly believe that change in this space is possible through intentional, strategic mentorship of students with a sincere focus on the individual. Because of this, I am very excited to contribute to the meaningful work that the MV3 Foundation is doing."

- Best Uchehara

Curriculum Team, MV3 Professional Development Program

"I applied to MV3 because it presented me with a wonderful opportunity to receive health mentoring from a current medical student. As a black undergraduate student, it is often difficult to find mentoring programs that are catered to my needs. However, as an MV3 scholar, I feel supported and seen by both the directors of the program and my mentor."

- Kirsten Williams

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Scholar

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"The path to becoming a health science student and eventually health science professional often relies on hidden knowledge. So many times, there are key pieces of information that can be vital to a student’s success that students simply never learn or learn too late. Throughout, my path I often felt as though I had so many questions, with the greatest question of all being am I asking the right questions. Am I on the right path? Additionally as someone interested in dentistry, I often found that many resources were geared towards medicine, leaving me to ask how is the process different and what particular details do I need to know?MV3 is an organization that is creating formal infrastructure to ensure that Black undergraduates have access to this key information."

- Aisha Oshilaja

Curriculum Team, MV3 Academic Program

"As someone interested in diversifying the field of medicine so that the medical workforce mirrors the patient population, I was thrilled when Ashley reached out to me about joining MV3. Often, what holds students back from pursuing higher education is the lack of resources and mentorship. Resources and mentorship are integral in helping students get to the next level in their endeavors. I am excited to be part of a program that offers students the necessary tools to support them in their next steps."

- Monifa Sawyerr

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Mentor


"Mentorship for Black students has always been a strong interest of mine. Through my time in undergrad, I learned how critical structured guidance was to advancing academically. Unfortunately, specific guidance for Black students was severely lacking. MV3's mission is a perfect fit into the gap that exists in Black professional and personal mentorship. The focus on interdisciplinary coaching adds a unique perspective that sets MV3 apart from its peers.."

- Terrance Mensah

Curriculum Team, MV3 Professional Development Program

I decided to join the team because I see the value in one-on-one mentorship, especially for under represented minorities going into medicine. What seemed different about MV3 was its willingness to adapt and its understanding that one-on-one mentorship is not all that it takes; there are workshop components and discussions with physicians etc. It also is being run by medical/dental/graduate students or newly graduated students and so it is way more in touch with the graduate admissions landscape than some other bigger corporations."

- Ifeoma Ikedionwu

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Lead

prof picture station1 standing_edited.jpg

"I joined the MV3 Foundation to fill the void that I experienced during my undergraduate career. I was constantly seeking out and more often than not failed to find resources for first generation students interested in pursuing medicine, mentors that looked like me who could offer advice and guidance while navigating the incredibly difficult path to medical school, and most importantly a consistency in encouragement and support, that external push to keep going when you start to doubt yourself. As soon as Ashley Kyalwazi, our founder, shared her MV3 vision with me, I saw the extreme potential in this organization. The possibility of being able to offer all the above and more to students in need is why I dedicated any free time I had during my first year in Medical School to helping her launch efforts. I am confident that the MV3 Foundation will significantly impact how undergraduate POCs view, understand, and transverse their path to medicine and I'm so proud to be a part of this phenomenal MV3 team!"

- Jasmine Moxley

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Mentor

Isaiah Holloway Jr.jpeg

"I think that it is important to make sure that great people become health and biomedical science professionals. But, a lot of those people get left behind due to accessibility, connections and institutional racism. I joined MV3 because their mission is parallel with my ideology, and has a sound framework that will bring more capable people into the fold."

- Isaiah Holloway Jr. 

Curriculum Team, MV3 Academic Program; 2022-2023 Academic Program Director

"I chose to join the MV3 Foundation because of immense amount of support they provide for BOTH their scholars and mentors. Unlike other mentorship programs I have been involved with, MV3 has a well thought out and incredibly organized curriculum that is packed with information for mentors to use and cater to their scholars needs. In addition, MV3 has been incredibly receptive to feedback and always willing to adapt in the face of options that will improve the wellbeing and success of their students. I'm looking forward to the future of this program!"

- Olivia Brumfield

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Mentor

HMS Headshot.jpg

"I love to see people of color succeed. I felt like I was blindly making my way through preparing and applying for medical school, and I don't want that to hold anyone else back."

- Chinwe Udemgba

2021-2022 MV3 Pilot Mentor

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