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Past Events

Here you will find all the information for past events along with their flyers.

MV3 Graduate Student Volunteer Session on Financial Literacy

As part of ongoing efforts to support the growing MV3 Graduate Student network, on January 24 at 8pm EST, MV3 hosted a Financial Literacy Session with special guest speaker, Dr. Chirag Shah! 

Topics he will address: 

1. Why financial planning matters

2. Tax-advantaged investing

3. Taxable investing

4. Diversification and asset allocation

5. Financial advisors

6. Pitfalls to avoids

MV3 Grad Student Financial Literacy Flier_2023.png

Inside the MCAT,DAT,and GRE

These sessions were hosted to help scholars understand the different exams that are avaliable and hear some tips and tricks to pass them.


Autumn Party

An opportunity for all members of the MV3 community to come together & celebrate! Scholers are highly encouraged to attend!

PNG image.jpg

Pro Tips from Professionals

This session features working professionals including a medical doctor, dentist (Dr. Brown on Insta), and pharmacist. During this session, you will learn about each individual’s journey in medicine and how they balance their career with family and personal passions. You will be able to ask questions in both large-group and small-group settings. Come prepared to ask questions and engage in a meaningful manner! 

Meet & Greet

Prospective scholars join and meet the team as well as get some questions about the program answered.

MV3 Meet and Greet.png
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