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MV3 to Use Amgen Foundation Grant to Prepare the Next Generation of Black Leaders in Health and Science

MV3 Marketing & Media

Jun 28, 2022

The MV3 Foundation is thrilled to announce a grant from Amgen Foundation aimed at supporting the next generation of Black leaders in health and science. The MV3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to building and empowering a community of Black undergraduate scholars across the US who will positively impact the future of health and biomedical sciences through 3 Pillars: Education, Service, and Advocacy. MV3 uses a dynamic mentorship model to support its scholars, involving two distinct academic and professional development curricula. Moreover, MV3 scholars are granted access to a national network and community of dedicated individuals through which they can develop their skills, meet with professionals in their fields of interest, and become change-makers alongside likeminded peers.

At the Amgen Foundation, a private foundation of Amgen Inc., which is an international leader in biotechnology, they bring decades of expertise in expanding access to high-quality education and mentorship for young scientists through several programs.

"It is great to see that the Amgen Foundation is supporting the MV3 Foundation and all it is doing to empower Black undergraduate scholars aspiring to careers in the Health and Biomedical Sciences," said Dr. Saptarsi Haldar, Vice President, Cardiometabolic Discovery and Site Head at Amgen South San Francisco. "Both MV3 and the Amgen Foundation are committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists and problem-solvers."

MV3 will support Black students in several aspects of their preparation to become future leaders in health and biomedical science, via opportunities and events dedicated to exposing MV3 scholars to careers and opportunities within these fields, and to catalyze the development of a national community of biomedical scientists who can support their professional development.

"Our team at MV3 is incredibly grateful to have received support from the Amgen Foundation, and we are energized to continue building on this momentum to further develop avenues to better support and empower MV3 Scholars across the country," said Ashley Kyalwazi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at the MV3 Foundation, and MD/MPP Candidate at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. "Over the last several months, members across the MV3 community have been diligently preparing for the start of the 2022-2023 Inaugural MV3 Scholars Program. We welcome any opportunity to collaborate with others who are passionate about our mission. It takes a village."

The Amgen Foundation grant will help MV3 advance health equity by empowering future generations of Black scientists and physicians.


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