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MV3 Partners with Blueprint to Eliminate Barriers for Black Students Pursuing Health Science Careers

BOSTON — The MV3 Foundation and Blueprint Prep partner to provide Black college students interested in health and biomedical science with financial aid to prepare for entrance into graduate degree programs.Blueprint Prep, a premier education company specializing in support for lifelong professional advancement and test preparation, announces a new partnership with the MV3 Foundation. The partnership with MV3, a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization devoted to building and empowering a community of Black undergraduate scholars pursuing careers in health and biomedical science, will help address key financial barriers for college students applying to graduate programs in health science fields.

Data demonstrates that a more diverse healthcare workforce enhances innovation in research and biomedical science, reduces healthcare expenditures and improves health outcomes. Despite Black people making up 13% of the U.S. population, only 5% of the country's doctors are Black. Moreover, Black students comprise less than 10% of STEM degrees across bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels in the US. Within higher education, the cost to prepare for the health professions, lack of appropriate mentorship, and lack of exposure to health-related fields have all been shown to contribute to attrition rates of students of color into health-related careers.

“The MV3 community is very excited to have Blueprint Prep join us in addressing some of the major barriers to entry that lead to the nation’s critical shortage of Black students and professionals in the health and biomedical science fields,” said Ashley Kyalwazi, Founder and CEO of the MV3 Foundation, and MD/MPP Candidate at Harvard Medical School. “This important partnership will open up greater opportunities for MV3 Scholars across the country and allow us to continue empowering the next generation of scientists and problem-solvers.”

Support from Blueprint Prep will enable the MV3 Foundation to provide free medical exam preparation for all eligible MV3 Scholars during the 2022-2023 academic year. Additionally, a number of scholarships for MCAT test prep will also be raffled off throughout the year on MV3's Instagram (@mv3foundation_) and Twitter (@mv3foundation) accounts. Finally, Blueprint Prep will provide free U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) study tools for all volunteer MV3 graduate students who devote time and energy to supporting MV3 Scholars across the country-- representing a core commitment to supporting the professional development of the entire MV3 student network, one that involves over 10 different graduate degree programs across the United States.

“We’re honored to partner with the MV3 Foundation to create more equitable entry points for minority groups to pursue careers in the health and biomedical science fields,” said Matt Riley, Co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Prep. “Our work together reflects Blueprint Prep’s ongoing commitment to supporting students of color at various stages in and throughout their careers by providing lifelong professional prep.”

MV3 is committed to advancing health equity by investing in the next generation of Black health and biomedical science professionals who are equipped to both advocate for, and serve, communities of color. Their national community continues to welcome partners in this important work, and is proud of the many young scholars who will be positive agents of change throughout their careers. “I’m elated to receive access to Blueprint Prep’s exam study tools,” said Donovan Butler, an MV3 Scholar and current junior at Rice University. “I’ll be using them to study for the MCAT test that’s required for medical school applications and I’m confident they’ll help me walk into the exam feeling adequately prepared.” To learn more about MV3’s work and how to get involved as a donor, partner or sponsor, visit the MV3 website. To learn more about the lifelong test and career support Blueprint Prep offers medical students and professionals, visit Blueprint Prep’s website.

### About Founded in 2020, the MV3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that invests in the academic and professional development of Black undergraduate students in the U.S. pursuing careers in health and/or biomedical science. In this way, they seek to be a catalyst for the mobilization of their scholars’ voices, inspiring and empowering them to positively impact their communities through MV3’s 3 Pillars: Education, Service, and Advocacy.

Founded in 2005, Blueprint Prep is the leading platform for high-stakes test prep in the U.S., offering live and self-paced online courses, private tutoring, self-study materials, and application consulting services for pre-law, pre-med, and medical school students, as well as Qbanks, tutoring, and live study groups for residents, practicing physicians, PAs and NPs via its recent acquisitions of Rosh Review and Sarah Michelle NP Reviews. Blueprint Prep leverages a unique approach that combines engaging video lectures, unparalleled expertise in content creation, the latest adaptive learning technology, and personalized study planning tools. Blueprint Prep has produced unrivaled results, including industry-leading score increases for its pre-law and pre-med students taking the LSAT and MCAT.

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